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Steve de Shazer

Cross-cultural Test


A good understanding of our own cross-cultural competence provides the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC). He is one of the most important intercultural competence tests and was developed by IBI. Meanwhile there are more than 25,000 data bases from all over the world.

This test provides an online self-assessment in four essential intercultural competencies:

    How actively are you interested in others, their cultural backgrounds, needs, and perspectives? How much do you notice when interacting with people from other cultures?

    How mindful are you when communicating with others? How effectively do you adjust your style to meet their expectations and needs?

    How much do you invest into developing relationships and diverse networks? How creative are you in developing solutions that satisfy the interests of different stakeholders?

    How well do you deal with the complexities of greater cultural diversity? How effectively do you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation?

It is based on a questionnaire with 60 items. Working time: about 25 minutes. Languages: German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

The result of this self-assessment is a personal evaluation profile for the individual competencies. Get feedback about possible stumbling blocks and very feasible practical suggestions for personal development. The test is a good combination for training or as a basis for a cross-cultural coaching.

For more information, see here: Broschure IRC

Carmen Zanella is certified for the IRC.