«Problem talk creates problems -
Solution talk creates solutions»

Steve de Shazer

Individual Coaching

I coach with humour and passion anyone who wants to develop further, and who is looking to find new solutions – in business,
in an organization or in their private lives.

Coaching is an individual and discreet way to clarify personal and professional issues, decisions and changes comprehensively.

How can Coaching support you?

You want e.g. to

  • assess your current situation
  • solve a problem or a conflict
  • change undesiderable behavior patterns and belief systems
  • consider different perspectives
  • gain insights and findings
  • concrete your personal vision and values ​
  • develop new approaches
  • reach your goals
  • develop your authenticity

Through supportive coaching you increase your problem-solving and reflection ability and you create space for regeneration and new creative solutions. You define the topics according to your needs, formulate goals and determine the intensity of the joint process.