«Problem talk creates problems -
Solution talk creates solutions»

Steve de Shazer

Intercultural Coaching

Intercultural coaching aims to reflect on own and other's thinking and behavior patterns that affect the interaction and collaboration with different partners,
and to develop personal solution strategies.

The basis for the coaching builds the test „Intercultural Readiness Check“ (IRC). It can be booked separately or in conjunction with an
intercultural training (eg as pre-and post-processing).

How can intercultural coaching support you?

You want e.g. to

  • increase awareness of your own cultural preferences (and for those of others)
  • as well as to their impact on collaboration?
  • promote the development of new skills (eg, higher susceptibility to signals,
  • more effective networking and lobbying)?
  • work succesfully with employees, customers and partners
  • (eg through better communication and understanding of their needs and values​​)
  • improve quality and productivity of culture-border relationships and results?
  • strengthen your ability to handle conflict?

It is especially recommended for employees and managers, who want to reflect and develop their intercultural skills in their personal (executive) context as well as on their own examples.