«For acting successfully on an international level,
a high degree of intercultural competence has become
an indispensable key qualification.»

Alexander Thomas

Intercultural Organizational Development

The understanding and the successful dealing with differences is key to sustainable relationships in the intercultural context. This is valid not only for assignments abroad, but also in the home country when dealing with foreign business partners or for the integration of international employees. Expertise and language knowledge is often not enough as the human factor is more and more in focus. A skillset of social and intercultural skills is therefore critical.

Do you know these challenges?
  • Requests to colleagues and partners abroad remain unanswered
  • Important milestones in the project are interpreted differently or not met
  • The new boss from abroad introduces rules, which question previously appreciated leadership principles, etc.

Misunderstandings, conflicts, lack of performance of employees, loss in productivity, failed collaborations are the consequences. A good understanding of the cultural contexts of our employees, customers and partners can help to avoid serious consequences and to make relationships successful.

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