«Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.»
Michael Jordan


Together we are stronger

In addition to the individual development of employees, the development of the team and the common focus on mission and goals is just as important for success. The basics of good teamwork build trust, mutual respect and the consideration of the different strengths of each team member.

In a team workshop, next to goals and tasks important factors for a good cooperation and possible friction losses are openly discussed as well as concrete solutions and measures derived.

To assure sustained anchoring, the workshop is tailored to your needs and focuses on the concrete implementation in everyday business.

Intercultural team development

A workshop for intercultural teams specifically helps to develop a better understanding of the differences in thinking, behavior and way of working.

To realize the potential of the team, the team members have to admit that their cultures are often very different. This can lead from strange feelings to rejection and stereotypical blame for conflicts. This is where cross-cultural team building provides space for dialogue in the open.

But this is only one side of the coin. The other side is that the potential of multicultural teams lies precisely in the diversity of their skills, perceptions and attitudes. Research has shown that multicultural teams, as soon as they are warm with each other and have integrated opposites, become much more efficient . In particular, in the identification of problem areas in the adaptability and the development of alternative solutions, they are ahead of mono-cultural teams.

In order to leverage this potential, a workshop will help to find common ground and new rules for cooperation.